Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Likes & Dislikes in Singapore

This post is truly my personal perception and experience in Singapore .. in this post I would further add some points or may delete some points or may change some points. Some of the statements would be self contrary in this but still thats the way I think about it. There are certain personal reasons for which I hate or like singapore. But just wanted to pen down what ever I feel at this point of time though it is really not related completely to this.

Reasons for which I hate Singapore

- Away from family and friends.
- Have to wake up early.
- Prepare our own breakfast.
- Wash our dishes and clothes.
- No good friends here.
- Have to go to office on time and wait till 6PM even if there is no work.
- There are no cheap calling cards to India as they have in USA.
- There is no vonage phone facility here.
- Shopping is very costly.
- Language
- Singaporeans got the worst walking manners.
- More of tamilians and their regional feeling.
- Cant drive a bike or car.
- Lot of places to go but there is no company.

Reasons for which I like Singapore

- Mustafa 24 hour store
- Learned money management.
- Learned to respect people.
- City is very neat and clean.
- Transport is the best and efficient, though rush is more.
- Proximity to Prime Vacation Areas
- No Car Horns
- Laksa, char kway teow, mee rebus, roti prata, chili crab, durian, fish-head curry, chwee kueh, pineapple tarts, fish hor fun, etc.
- Always updated with the latest technology.
- As there is no work got a chance to learn newer things in free time.
- Internet is cheap and very fast even at home :)
- Very near to Hyderabad .. just 4 and half hours flight journey.