Monday, April 07, 2008

Simple things in life

Simple things in life that make me forget myself and get involved in

* Morning's hot cup of coffee and great breakfast with newspaper full of comics to read

* A refreshing breeze in early morning

* A long drive

* Comics

* Tom and Jerry Video

* Any ice cream!

* Eating crisp dosas

* photography

* Playing cricket, table tennis and now a days bowling

* Any good movie

* Melodious music

* Sitting near the train door and watch the world go behind

* Sitting on the top of a tall hill and watching the world around

* Greenary and hills on treks

* Watch the water flowing down in a river/creek with small fish playing in the waters

* Rain, beautifil rain

* Swimming, in a river or a pool

* Watching waves in the sea

And there are many more that are not 'Simple Things'

Your list?