Friday, April 04, 2008

What do I browse everyday?

A compilation of most of the sites I visit regularly.

* Rediff headlines, Always on top of all the tabs

* Blog surfing. There are so many, I would rather not mention all of them

* Google. Without that life is empty now a days

* Ofcourse, there is blogger and blogspot

* Wikipedia, now a days next best to google.

* IMDB, haha as u know I am movie buff

* Cricinfo, how can u forget this

* GSMarena, best site for all the mobile reviews

I am surprised the list is pretty small, considering that I browse a lot everyday.

Categorywise, I most frequesntly visit news sites and weblogs, followed by sites that have anything to do with photography, travelling, adventures and stuff like that. Now a days I am reading a lot about places world wide.

I was talking to my colleagues and most of them have stock market related and technology related sites on their list. So what about urs?


Ravi Sembeti said...

Surprised not to see Idlebrain or great andhra on your list.Well if you really dont then you dont really kill time on browsing. Well wikipedia something sure you might have forgot.

Mr. Cool said...

dude I hate reading movie reviews in idle brain and great andhra etc .. I actually watch all kinds of movies so no need for reviews .. yea I read a lot of reviews for eng movies in imdb .. and coming to wikipedia .. what are u talking thats my fav .. u can see that in the list ...