Friday, April 04, 2008

A Typical day at office

Huh See how much I am bored here at office I started writing about this boring stuff at office also. Anyways let me start ...

My day at office starts at 9.30AM (Though everybody comes at 8.55AM, some habits are hard to change). Before I start my system I go to fill my water bottle. It was nice in Goldstone when a office boy used to get a new bottle once they we finish them. Anyways after that I come and check my office mails. As my work is not yet started I dont really get any mails. I start reading and wikipedia. And if there is any match I closely follow ball by ball in both cricinfo and cricbuzz sites. In between I pass time calling home and talking to mom dad for more than 30mins.

And once it is 12Noon, I go out for lunch and come back at 1PM. Once I come back I start feeling drowzy and it would be tough for me to sit at my desk. So I just try to look around in the office or go out for sometime. Oh I didnt tell you about my seating right. Exactly opposite to me I can see a gaint screen in Suntec City building which gives ads about restaurants mobiles, Tvs etc. On the right side of me I can see the Marina Walk building and the Gaint Singapore Flyer. On the left hand side I can see all the skyscrapers in Singapore out there. Now if I just turn around there are so many women of other teams working. Its only my team that we dont have that foreign girls stuff. As its a IT team we all are Indians. Rest all the teams look beautiful with so many people from so many different regions.

So that was about my seating. So after my lunch I try to sleep for atleast 30 mins. By the time I wake and go around time will be 3 and its time for tea. So we go down to have some tea and coffee. We are like 6 to 8 people who go down and sit at the cafe while only 2 drink hahaha. We come back at 3.30 and I start reading the sites again for the final news of the day. At 5.30PM I start back home.

Thats a very typical boring day at office in my life.


Ravi Sembeti said...

Lets hope any of your superior at office eye on you or your blog. I am syre they will be disappointed.
I am sure its not just the story of yours but lot of people who look at work as earning source not as passion. What say babbu?

Mr. Cool said...

haha u bet dude .. u r in US and I hope u know it better .. actually singapore work culture is really bad .. Indian work culture is much better .. thats my feeling .. atleast in banks its horrible dude ..