Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I was just going through one of the article on the web. I have found something similar. I thought I shall write my version of this in my blog.

Nine Things About Me

1) People tend to think I am a social butterfly. I am not exactly one
2) I am constantly plagued by the fear of seclusion! I'm pretty insecure in that way!
3) I am greedy for new experiences, new friends, travelling to new places etc! :D
4) I am extreeeeeeeemely confused about my food habits! :P
5) I can be silent, too! :P
6) I dont think too much and analyse things too much. I tell myself I'll start. But i never do.
7) I love being busy and filling every second of existence with activities. It makes me feel GOOOOD about life! :)
8) I love it when people reach out to me the way i do to them.
9) I expect too much. I'm consciously trying to curtail it.

Eight Ways To Win My Heart

1) Have a great conversation with me! I'll be floored!
2) Do something JUST for me- cook, write a letter, think of me and message, call me saying 'i felt like talking to you', something, anything! :) the fact that i mean something to you makes my day! :)
3) Chocolates! crackle especially! :D
4) Ask me to entertain you when you are bored
5) take me on a long walk or insist I spend time with you! :)
6) smile at me wholeheartedly! :)
7) Be candid to me. Be yourself. I loathe artificiality.
8) Praise my driving ;)

Seven Things That Cross My Mind A Lot

1) Why do i confuse myself so much?
2) Am i doing right?
3) What Next?
4) Why do I have trouble in accepting things ?
5) Why do I get emotionally attached ? Why do I entertain false hopes ?
6) Are people taking me for granted? Do they genuinely care for me? Am i being a little-too-nice to everyone?
7) Am I asking for too much out of life?

Six Things I Wish I Never Did

1) Time and Money spent in my US dream
2) I trusted people. Some were untrustworthy!
3) I wish I dont stop things in middle.
4) I wish I never grew up! :(
5) I wish I would be more aggresive.
6) I wish I could rewrite a few chapters of my life... undo a lot of things, change a few and make myself more happy!

Five Turn-Off’s

1) Artificiality
2) Being Rude
3) Loosing Temper
4) Partiality
5) Meanness

Four Turn-On’s

1) It depends on whom I am dealing with
2) Being simple and sweet :)
3) smiles smiles and smiles:)
4) friendly conversations! :)

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Too many things! :)
1) Globe-trot
2) Race on Hayabusa and Lamborghini
3) Have a mansion

Two Smileys that Describe Me


One Confession

I do feel lonely at times, and feel unimportant, useless and a huge failure in a few particular ways!