Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Late Commer

I never used to wake up early in the morning. I used to sleep till 9 in the morning. I used to go to office late almost everyday. I never believed in going to office on time. I always believed in finishing the work on time rather than coming to office on time. To my luck my previous managers were always supportive and there was no problem. Even in the evening I used to spend long hours till late night if there was any work. But if work was not there I used to go back home very early which was very much possible in my previous companies.

But once I came to Singapore, my life is totally changed and I am not liking it. I have to get up early. Prepare my own coffee and prepare my breakfast and get ready and leave home by morning 8.30. Even if I start at that time I am late daily by 30 minutes. Here even that 30mins is called as late. Manager mails the whole team that we are late. To my luck again I have a good Lead who understands me well and never has escalated this issue further ;). The same is the case while coming back. As there is no much work I start back home by 5.30PM. Even thats a matter of concern here.

This is one of the reason I didnt like Singapore. I have always been a late commer and will always be a late commer :)