Monday, April 07, 2008

Work Ethics

Work Ethics Redifined, by me

* Do not work long hours.

* Do not stay late.

* Arrive in time. If you come late, you may end up working late.

* When you have to choose between life and work, choose life. You can find some other work, you can't find another life.

* If, for some reason, it is unavoidable to work odd hours or long hours, try to compensate for it. Never do a favor to company because the vice-versa will never happen.

* Never compromise for an unreasonable deadline. If there is no other choice, at least ask for some incentives.

* You work to live. Never let any one trick you to believe that it is actually otherwise.

* Setup distractions occasionally. Continuous work means fatigue.

* Remember, you are a worker, not a slave. If someone thinks otherwise, tell them.

* Don't miss a chance to take holiday/vacation. Don't pile up your earned leave and carry them on. Take a break when you can. Have fun when you can. See the world.

* Money is what is important. Not the work itself. But don't ignore the later or former will never come to you.

* Retire by 35. Make enough money by then(how?! ;-) ). Use rest of your life to fulfil your dreams and do undone things that you always wanted to do.

And to make sure your career is not ruined by these ethics, following list is equally important. I would not fit them with the above because these are not the most pleasent things but definitely necessary.

* Work Smart, not hard, so that you don't work late hours

* Don't waste time in working hours simply fooling around, otherwise you will end up doing the undone work and prolonged working hours

* Don't pick up a fight with your boss. It never helps(with experience :-)). If you have really major problems, leave the organization.

* Don't cheat with your work, complete it properly. No one liked halk cooked food.

* Escalate problems quickly instead of trying heroics to resolve it(with experience :-)).

* If you know that your organization is drowning, forget all the ethics and pitch in for 24/7 help. Coz, otherwise, you are without a job. But never let your manager trick you into believing that your org is drowning.

I feel the whole set of points are in balance and are favorable to both organization and the worker and should be able to keep both sides happy. Whadduyusay?