Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dart Board

Yesterday as usual during the office hours I was strolling through carre four in suntec city. I went into the games section and saw a dart board lying there. The cost was just 17SGD. I had been looking for it since the day I saw that in Chotu's album. I wanted that atleast for that similar snap of Chotu and Ravi. Anyways took that and came home early.

My roommates came very late. I waited for them till 11.30PM and once they came we started playing the game. It went on and on and on till 2.15AM. Now in the morning we woke up at 7.00AM and we started playing it again for 20 mins. Out of all this only once I could hit the bulls eye.

This is a real fun game. Though the accuracy very very very less initially. Go for it guys. Its fun.


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