Friday, April 04, 2008

Blog Cycle

Here goes the stages I see in a blogging cycle. I guess this is a very typical set of processes that everyone goes thru. But a few decide to drop out from blogging and another few shine.

  1. Discovered blogging. Either a friend has shown the way or surfed a lot and found out

  2. Boy! This is some real cool stuff. Let me jump in and start off right away

  3. wow! I have never discovered anything so good on the internet. This is one true revolution. I spend long hours setting up my template and reloading the pages to see how it looks like. The fun never stops. Is this a dream?

  4. Ah! Now my template is doing good. Putting up so many hours was finally useful. Now bang into regular daily blogging. All I need is around 15-20 minutes a day.

  5. Yoo! hoo!! There are comments coming in. Can you believe this? People seem to like my blog and there are some regular visitors too. The genius in me is showing his writing skills.

  6. wow! My site stats just broke thru the sky and going still higher. I am really happy!

  7. Time to push my friends. Hey people, why don't you guys blog? See, isn't it a cool thing to do? Don't waste away your leisure watching tv.

  8. hmm. Can't find much to write these days. Exhausted writing everything I had. But hey, if I don't write everyday, people would stop visiting my site. Let's see what story they are running in wired or nyt or salon and do some commenting on it!

  9. Hey, I think I am getting bored of this a bit. But still I want to continue, it is just that topics are drying up

  10. ok, now I don't blog everyday anymore. So what, I still blog. But if I don't post regularly, I'll loose my visitors.

  11. Looks like this is time to stop bloging for the sake of it. Let me post something only when I get something that is worth writing

  12. Frequency of posting has bottomed out. Go back to step 8 and continue again