Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Welcome to Mumbai

I was going through an article when somebody shared their bitter experience in Mumbai. While reading that i remembered my 1 day good and bad experience with Mumbai. I thought I shall put my bitter experience in my blog.

We have always seen Mumbai in the movies and have heard that its the city of dreams. I always wanted to visit Mumbai for 2 reasons. For Girls and Cars in Mumbai. My friends who went to Mumbai have always exagerated about the cars and girls in Mumbai. Finally I got a chance to visit Mumbai for an interview.

I was called for an interview giving me no time to atleast buy the return ticket to Hyderabad. So my brother has arranged everything and finally got my air ticket while going but I will have to collect my return train ticket in Mumbai from my brothers friend. I was told that from airport it would take 250 rupees in taxi to go to Navi Mumbai, the place where I was going for interview. I was a bit skeptic as I have always seen some fraud taxi drivers in movies.

I took first flight to Mumbai. At the airport I took a taxi to Navi Mumbai. I dint knew how far Navi Mumbai was. So I was going going and going in the taxi. On the way I was seeing all the tall buildings on both sides of the road. I was feeling that Mumbai is so cheap I am in taxi for 45 minutes and he will only charge me Rs. 250.

Finally I reached the software park(I dont remember the name) in Navi Mumbai. I asked the taxi fellow "bhaiyya kitna". He said "aath sow". I was shocked. I said I was told it would take only 250. He showed me a sheet which has the units and the rate for that and it was Rs. 800. As it was written in the sheet I gave him 3 hundred rupee notes and 1 five hundred rupee note. The only mistake I did is I dint wait there until he counts the money and I started walking towards the gate.

Taxi driver called me back and said I gave only 400 by showing me 4 hundred rupee notes. Now I started understanding what was happening. The argument went on for sometime but finally I didnt really wanted to get into any fight as I came there for an interview. So again had to give him extra 400 which made my taxi drive cost 1200.

I said to my self "Welcome to Mumbai".